Bouturza Taille L – Feuille de chêne


The Bouturza bobèche is the perfect accessory to hold your cuttings in any container. With it multiply your favorite plants and repot them at the right time thanks to a live preview of the good root development.

  • avantage Hold the cuttings.
  • avantage Prevent leaf rot in water.
  • avantage Promotes good root development.
  • avantage Limits water evaporation.
  • avantage Allows you to observe the roots.

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The Bouturza bobèche in size L is the perfect accessory for keeping your cuttings in large containers! So, you can follow the propagation of the roots and choose the best time to repot your plant.


Practical, playful and decorative, it is ideal for cuttings from small shoots or leaves. And it does not stop there because it can also be suitable for hydroponics or simply to place floral arrangements there.


With its elastic, the bobèche size L is easily adaptable to containers from 7 to 10cm in diameter, for this an Eco-cup, jar or large glass may suffice.

Do you want to take cuttings from smaller plants? Instead, go to little Bouturza.


This bobèche was designed and handmade in France in the north of the country, it is simple and durable. Each of these pieces is unique, which is why the colors and patterns may vary slightly from one model to another.

Weight 7 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 cm

100% coton


Cousu dans les Hauts-de-France.


Contribute to the protection of the environment, wash less often and maximum at 30°c. We recommend air drying.


Adaptable to containers from 7cm to 10cm in diameter

  • 1 guide bouturza

    Remplissez votre contenant d'eau.

  • 2 guide bouturza

    Disposez la bobèche au dessus du contenant.

  • 3 guide bouturza

    Placez fleur ou bouture dans les trous afin que les tiges, racines ou noeuds soient immergées.

  • 4 guide bouturza

    Pour les boutures, attendez que les racines grandissent.

  • 5 guide bouturza

    Lorsque les racines sont suffisamment développées, vous pouvez empoter la plante.

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